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New Orleans Tree Service

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Tree Services of New Orleans

Much of the charm of New Orleans can be found in its beautiful outdoor areas.  And nothing makes your New Orleans home look finer than a beautiful outdoor area with well-kept trees and bushes.  Look no further than the experts at New Orleans Tree Services whose team of trained arborists can help those in the New Orleans metropolitan area to keep their trees and shrubs looking great consistently, and homeowners can rest assured that their properties will always look great without experiencing the hassle that taking care of outside plants can cause.  New Orleans Tree Service offers affordable tree services and boasts years of satisfied clientele.  When you call us, one of our arborists will come to your property, inspect your outdoor space, talk to you about what you are looking to accomplish, and provide for you a free no obligation quote on services we offer.  You will receive a specialized plan for the outdoor areas of your home or commercial business, and once you hire us, we will come out quickly to get the job done. 

New Orleans Tree Service provides a wide array of services to our clientele in the New Orleans area.  We can provide one-time services such as tree cuttingtree pruning, planting, or stump grinding.  In addition to these one-time tree services, we offer ongoing tree services as well so that our clients never have to worry about the upkeep and health of their trees and shrubs.  And because our arborists are so familiar with the area, we are able to make recommendations on tree species that thrive here.  If you are building a new structure in a wooded area, we also can work with your architect in clearing out land so that you can keep older, established trees intact which will improve the look and feel of your new home.  We even offer emergency tree services in the event of a hurricane, tropical storm, or tornado.  Anything having to do with the health of trees, we can do it. 

About Us

Building a new home or commercial building and need the land around your building site cleared?  Redoing your outdoor spaces and looking for a company that can recommend and plant a wide variety of native trees and bushes?  Wondering if perhaps one of your trees has overgrown its location, potentially causing damage to your home or your neighbors’?  Let the experts at New Orleans Tree Services answer any questions that you have about trees.  We are passionate about offering all kinds of tree services to our fellow New Orleanians. 

The professional staff at New Orleans Tree Service has been providing tree care services to clients in the New Orleans metropolitan area for over ten years.  Our New Orleans area arborists specialize in urban environmental issues and its effects on trees, and because our team is from the area, we understand the climate and the soil types that are found here.  We strive to supply our clients with trees and shrubs that will grow well in the New Orleans area as well as achieve the look that our clients most want in their outdoor spaces.  And because many of our trees are growing in small areas surrounded by concrete (no wonder we have all of those potholes), we provide the care those trees need in such adverse environments.  Anything that has to do with the health and beauty of trees, we can provide to our clients.  Contact us today for a free estimate on our services. 

Here at New Orleans Tree Service, we offer a wide array of services to our clients because we understand that all of them have individual needs.  We take care of small garden areas and homes with just one or two trees to grand estates in need of ongoing tree care.  Please call us today or fill out the form on this page, and one of our arborists will contact you about your needs.  And if there is a service that you need that is not outlined below, please feel free to ask.  We can accommodate special requests, or we can refer you to a company who can offer you the services that you need if we cannot help.  Contact us today for a free no obligation quote. 

Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming can be difficult for home-owner. Let us take care of it for you call the Pros.

Stump Grinding

Had a tree removed? Let us take care of the stump for you. Whether in the back or front of your house call us for a free quote today. 


Need Help? We can perform deep root fertilization. This is like giving your tree a B-12 shot. Call us for more details.

Tree Health

Sick trees are our specialty. We have an arborist standing by to diagnose and treat your sick trees. Call now!


One of the main services we offer in the New Orleans area involves tree maintenance, particularly with trimming and pruning trees and shrubs.  It is so important that your trees grow healthy and strong but that they are also hemmed in by careful trimming and pruning so that they do not experience damage from too big of a crown or from carrying too much weight on a particular side and that they also do not cause potential harm to your home or commercial property or to those of your neighbors.  In the New Orleans metro area, we always need to be prepared for potential inclement weather such as hurricanes and tropical storms.  These types of severe weather events can wreak havoc on your property but can become even more dangerous if your trees and shrubs have been left unchecked.  Contact one of our experts today, and we can come out to check on the general health of your plants and offer you some suggestions on what you can do to keep your plants healthy.  And once you hire us, you can choose a one-time tree trimming service, or if you would like to eliminate tree care from your list of household duties, you can count on us to provide ongoing trimming and pruning services. 

Can I trim trees myself?

Many homeowners think that they can handle trimming trees themselves, but it can be a dangerous activity if not done properly.  Trimming large trees may take specialized equipment, and if branches are cut improperly, they can become a threat to yourself or your property.  Larger trees may only need to be trimmed every few years, but smaller trees, shrubs, and bushes may require maintenance up to four times a year depending on the species of the plants. Contact the expert staff at New Orleans Tree Service for help today.  We can offer you a free consultation with one of our arborists who will help you establish what you need to keep your landscaping healthy. 


Although we are always advocates for saving trees, we understand that sometimes a tree dies and must be removed before it causes damage to structures around it or that sometimes a tree becomes too big that it begins to damage the foundation of surrounding buildings, causing both safety and financial concerns.  If you believe that you are in this predicament, please call on experts to remove trees, and do not try this potentially dangerous task on your own.  Larger trees need to be cut down in stages, and trained arborists oftentimes need specialized equipment to help in the process.  Trust the professionals at New Orleans Tree Service to cut down properly any trees that you need gone and tidying up your landscaping to leave you with a flat surface on which to plant new shrubs and trees. 

Perhaps you have had a tree cut down in the past, but the stump of the tree remains.  Not only do we offer tree removal services, but we also offer stump removal and stump grinding services.  No need to continue mowing around or tripping over that unsightly stump in the yard.  Contact us today, and we will come out to assess your needs and give you a free estimate on stump removal and grinding If you are in NC make sure to check out our friends at stump removal Greenville SC


Do you understand yet that we absolutely LOVE trees?  And because we have such a passion for the area in which we live, we love advising our clients on the best trees and shrubs for their homes and businesses.  If you are thinking of redoing your outdoor spaces or have just moved into a new home or business and need to establish landscaping, we are the company that you have been looking for.  We can plant anything from evergreens to fruit trees to magnolias with ease.  We work closely with local tree farms and nurseries that specialize in indigenous plants.  And we are available to help our clients understand the best ways to take care of their shrubs and trees to keep them healthy over their entire lifespan. 

Moving and want to take one of your large trees with you?  Don’t want to wait for an immature tree to grow?  Want a way for your new house to blend more easily into a neighborhood full of established homes?  We have the solution for you.  The expert team at New Orleans Tree Service can arrange to transplant trees and shrubs to your home or business.  We handle transplanted trees with care, ensuring that they remain healthy through the transplanting process and offer our expertise as to the best ways to help them to thrive in their new environment.  Whatever you need done, our arborists can help.  Contact New Orleans Tree Service for a free estimate today. 



During severe weather or in great stress, trees may experience damage that causes them to be unstable and threaten your property or those of your neighbors.  A great solution to removing the tree altogether is to use a cabling and bracing system for the tree in order to keep it steady and to guide it away from areas where it may potentially cause danger.  During the cabling and bracing process, cables are attached to the tree to guide its growth, and braces are used to give added stability to the tree as it continues to grow.  This process helps the tree to get the added structure that it needs to continue to thrive and to help you maintain the look of your property.  Contact the arborists at New Orleans Tree Service if you have trees that are leaning, look lopsided, or have experienced damage due to weather. 


As much as we try to prevent it through regular checkups, trimming, and soil checks, diseases sometimes happen to trees and shrubs.  And when they do, New Orleans Tree Service has the medicine you need for your plants.  We will come out to inspect the damage and offer some solutions that will work to get your plants healthy once again. Although our company is not particularly a pest control company, we do know a lot about the kinds of pesky pests that can infiltrate and slowly malnourish your trees, and we can offer natural solutions for insect and tree disease issues you may encounter, like introducing other helpful types of insects to your trees.  Contact us today to learn more. 


In New Orleans, we often do have trees that have been planted around areas of flatwork like driveways and sidewalks.  In some historic areas, the roots of the trees have broken through this concrete work, making for uneven streets and pavements.  However, because the roots do not have much soil around them, these large trees may not be getting the nutrients they need in order to stay healthy.  For these trees that are growing in areas where they may be nutrient deprived, New Orleans Tree Service offers deep root fertilization services.  This process involves injecting fertilizer filled with nutrients directly into the root system of the tree to allow for better absorption of those nutrients, like a vitamin shot for trees.  This fertilization process will continue to keep your trees looking and feeling healthy. 


Most insects are harmless to trees.  However, there are some species of invasive insects that wreak havoc on trees in the New Orleans area.  Two major types of insects that can cause major malnourishment to your trees are beetles and termites.  Beetles burrow deep inside of a tree, cutting off nutrients from the tree’s root system.  Termites will eat their way deep into a tree, infest it, and slowly break down the structural integrity of the tree.  If you think you may have an infestation of harmful insects in your tree, contact New Orleans Tree Service today. 


As we are all aware, the New Orleans metropolitan area is prone to severe weather like tropical storms and hurricanes that bring with them high winds.  Large trees and shrubs can cause major damage to your property.  If you have had this happen, please contact us.  We can help you to clean up after a major weather event by picking up large limbs as well as whole trees and carting them off so that they are no longer a threat to you or your property.  We know that getting rid of these outside impediments will ultimately make it easier for you to take care of structures on your property that may have experienced damage as well. 

Although many of the areas we service are urban areas, some of our customers live in wooded areas.  New Orleans Tree Service also offers fire mitigation services for these customers.  Trimming trees and bushes regularly as well as planting foliage intentionally around your home or business can help to keep a wildfire out of the way of other structures on your property.  Contact us today for these services. 


And if you are thinking of building in a wooded area, New Orleans Tree Service can help you clear your land, giving your contractor the flat landscape they need to develop your property.  Our expert team can also work with your architect on the outside plans for your home so that we can help you preserve the most beautiful of your established trees and develop the rest of your outdoor landscape so that the outside of your new build looks just as great as the inside.   


Here at New Orleans Tree Service, we have learned to expect the unexpected.  If you experience severe weather or some circumstance that requires immediate removal of tree limbs or even of an entire tree, give us a call.  We will try to accommodate you as quickly as possible and get those limbs out of your way. 


Looking for cords of seasoned firewood for those chill winter evenings?  New Orleans Tree Service can provide that as well.  Contact us today for more information and for pricing. 



If you need expedited services for tree removal or tree trimming due to unforeseen circumstances or severe weather,  Tree Service is absolutely available to help.  Contact us immediately if you are in need, and we will send out a crew to your home or business right away.

Tree Care From Home

Check out the video to the left. Here is a great video about tree care and some things to look for at home. We hope that you find value in it. Have a great day. 

Contact Us

New Orleans Tree Service is eager to help our friends and neighbors in the New Orleans area with all of their tree needs.  Contact us today through our website or give us a call to get started.  Nothing could be simpler.  Whether you are looking for ongoing tree care or whether you need one-time help, we have you covered.  Because our arborists are experts in this area, we can offer lots of advice to our clients about their established plants as well as offering advice concerning new plants.  We look forward to helping you get the look you want for the outside of your home or business. 

During the last tropical storm, lightening hit the tree in the backyard, splitting it in half.  I called New Orleans Tree Service, and they came out right away to deal with the tree.  In a matter of a few hours after they arrived, the entire tree had been dismantled, and my backyard was left neat and clean.”  

Jeff V

When I moved into this house, I also inherited some mature trees that had been neglected.  My outdoor space needed some serious help.  Jake came out to look at the trees, and he came up with a plan to shape them up and to provide them with the nourishment they needed.  I have never made a better decision for my home.

Joseph Whiteman

When I was building my home, I was dying to have a beautiful oak in my backyard like I did when I was a child.  New Orleans Tree Service made it happen, and I could not be happier with the look of my yard.  Everyone in my family loves to come over and hang out under the beautiful big tree.”

Janet King

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