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Let us take care of your trees. 

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Baton Rouge Tree Service is your number one go-to in the Baton Rouge metropolitan area for all types of tree services.  Our team of arborists can help homeowners who are looking to update their landscaping, take care of the landscaping they already have, or even clear out land to provide a blank canvas for new landscaping.  Contact us today for a free no obligation quote, and one of our team of experts will come out to assess your needs and talk to you about what you are looking to do.


If your trees seem to be in decline, particularly if they are located in an area where they are confined in their growing, they may need a deep root fertilization treatment.  Trees and shrubs that are confined to particular locations where water and nutrient-rich soil are not always available may need to get the nourishment they need another way.  In the Baton Rouge area, many of these types of trees are near concrete flatwork like driveways and walkways.  If you have trees that do not seem to be getting the nutrients they need, contact the arborists at Baton Rouge Tree Service for help.


Deep root fertilization consists of injecting fertilizer directly into a tree’s root system.  The process involves sticking a pipe deep into the ground and blasting the roots of the tree directly with an organic solution containing trace minerals, macronutrients, and micronutrients.  This will help the tree to absorb the nutrients quickly and will also aerate the root system, making trees healthier and less susceptible to disease.


Deep root fertilization treatments can be done twice a year to provide the supplementary nutrients trees need to grow strong and healthy. However, many trees do not need to be fertilized on a regular basis. Trees will show you if they are stressed and need some supplemental help.  If the tops of your trees have sparse foliage or bare branches or the tree is leaning or has leaf scorch, your tree may be stressed and in need of nutrients.  This may be because of the soil around the tree or the location in which the tree has been planted. If your trees are growing in compacted soil or are in an area where they are not getting the nutrients they need, you should call a trusted company like Baton Rouge Tree Service to schedule an inspection of the tree and to schedule fertilization.


Baton Rouge Tree Service can also assist property owners in clearing land.  Our specialists will work with your contractor to help you cut down trees you no longer want, grind stumps, and fill in land to create a level surface through grading and plowing.  We will also consult with you about which trees and shrubs you should save to add charm, sun coverage, and character to your new home or business. 

There is no need for wooded property to be completely cleared in order for you to build.  You will save money and add to your property’s value by maintaining the integrity of healthy, mature trees on your land even as building progresses.  The arborists at Baton Rouge Tree Service can come out to survey your land and identify which trees should be kept according to your building plans.  Once we are hired, we will get to work bulldozing and collecting debris to form a flat surface and then evening out the land so that construction can begin. 


Baton Rouge Tree Service not only cares for existing trees, but it also nurtures sick trees, and removes ones that are dead or dying.  In addition, we offer a wide variety of ongoing landscaping services to our customers.  We can consult with property owners about which trees to plant for the area in which they live.  We can plant and stabilize saplings or transport mature trees from one location to another if new homeowners want the look of mature land without waiting the extra time for their trees to grow. 

Our ongoing work as landscaping artists include caring for trees before and after storms and doing semi-annual, schedule tree checks to evaluate the health of the established trees.  Maintaining landscaping of trees and bushes is backbreaking work if done by the homeowner, but because we have an expert team and specialized equipment to help, we can take all of the hard work out of having a manicured property.  Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote.

There are so many reasons to landscape using trees. Mature trees add value and beauty to a property, and they also provide clean air and sun protection to those around them.  And because of the varied types of trees that grow natively in South Louisiana, whether you are looking for a fragrant, blossoming magnolia tree or whether you would prefer a strong oak that will last generations to come, you can find the perfect one for the look and feel for your property. 

Contact the experts at Baton Rouge Tree Service for a free consultation.  We can plant any type of tree or shrub you desire, and because of our many years of experience and our excellent reputation, you can rest assured that we know what we are doing and will give you the quality of work you deserve. Contact us today for affordable tree planting services as well as replacement tree and shrub services.

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