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Tree Health and Maintenance Baton Rouge 

We love our trees. Check out what you can do to protect the health of your trees. 

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Taking care of the landscaping around your property can become quite a chore, especially when you do not have any expertise in tree or shrub care.  Leave it to the experts at Baton Rouge Tree Service to get you the ongoing assistance you need to make sure that all of your trees and shrubs remain healthy for years to come.  Our trained arborists will care for your trees to ensure that they look great while also making sure that they do not become dangerous to you or your property.  We also check your trees and shrubs for common pests that may endanger the welfare of your plants.  Give us a call today for a free estimate on ongoing tree maintenance, cabling, and bracing.


Here at Baton Rouge Tree Service, we specialize in foliage that grows well in our Southern climate.  Many times, clients call us to get advice on what kinds of trees to plant that flourish in the damp, hot climate in which we live.  Sometimes, though, the trees and shrubs planted around properties need special care and attention as they are not the most conducive to our weather.  And here, our arborists can help as well, making sure that all of your plants get the attention that they deserve.


Many different types of trees grow well in the Southern Louisiana climate, but some of the most popular include our state tree, the bald cyprus, and the Southern magnolia, which grows our state flower.  Other popular trees include crepe myrtles, live oaks, deciduous oaks, pines, and sugar maples.


Trees, for the most part, will grow well on their own as long as they are native to the environment and are planted away from structures that may prevent them from growing naturally.  Construction is one of the biggest destroyers of mature trees, so if you are thinking of constructing a building or adding a driveway or walkway to your property and want to protect the health of your trees, make sure to get the advice of a trained arborist like those at Baton Rouge Tree Service about how to structure your plans to maintain the health of your trees.  Property owners can also protect their trees by mulching and pruning regularly and making sure that they are careful with weedwhackers and lawnmowers that can cause damage to the tree and make it more susceptible to disease.  On an ongoing basis, property owners should also check branches and leaves for signs of pests and diseases that may harm their trees.


In Southern Louisiana, we are used to bugs, and many of the bugs that are common in the area prove harmless to native trees.  However, some of these pests can ruin a tree from the inside out, causing it to become a hazard to you and your property.  Some of the most common pests that attack trees in Souther Louisiana are beetles and termites.  Beetles invade the nutritional system of trees as they burrow into the bark.  Termites dig their pathways deep into a tree’s trunk causing extensive damage to the infrastructure of the tree.


Sometimes, even healthy trees are susceptible to breaking or falling because of damage done by high winds or heavy foliage.  To strengthen weaker tree branches, sometimes an arborist will attach a cable from these weaker limbs to stronger limbs of the tree to allow the tree to heal and to provide stability in the case of high winds and storm.  This not only protects you, your property, and the tree, but it also improves the tree’s longevity as well.  But be careful.  Sometimes homeowners believe that they can create a cabling system on their own without the help of trained professionals.  However, this is not a good idea as improper cabling can cause severe damage to a tree and make it even more susceptible to breakage.  Cabling is also an effective strategy for homeowners who wish to prevent the limbs of a tree from interfering with their property.  If you think that your tree may need cabling service, contact the experts at Baton Rouge Tree Service, and we will come out right away to assess your needs.


When a tree begins to split, arborists will often use a system of bracing to allow the tree to get back the stability it has lost and to protect your home and property from damage by a falling tree.  When arborists brace a tree, they install a system of rods and cables into the damaged parts of the tree to stabilize it and to allow it to continue to grow naturally.  Once the bracing is put into place, homeowners will need to schedule ongoing, yearly maintenance to ensure that the tree continues to grow safely and remains healthy.  If you believe that your trees have started to split, contact the professionals at Baton Rouge Tree Service for a free, no obligation quote.

Let us do the hard work.

Maintaining your property can be a tiresome job.  Let the experts at Baton Rouge Tree Service take some of the hassle out of it for you by providing a wide variety of tree services to the entire Baton Rouge metropolitan area.  Our trained arborists are eager to help you in any way we can to maintain the look and health of your trees and shrubs.  Give us a call today!


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